Japanese Neurolanguage Coaching®️ with Yuki

pic by Mariah Moneda


pic by Mariah Moneda

Yuki Shimizu


My name is Yuki Shimizu. I am here to help you to make your dreams come true with advanced Japanese skills.

My missions are:


Language is a means of communication and a tool to make your dream come true. As a Japanese Neurolanguage coach, I create a customized program based on your dream. Your Japanese ability will take your future to the next level. Let’s work together to make your dream come true.


I believe that learner autonomy is essential for language learning and a successful career. Using the coaching techniques, I will help you to think actively and create a program for each language session together. At the same time, I create an open and safe environment so that you can learn Japanese without pressure or fear.


I have seen many clients who tend to be nervous when speaking Japanese. The nervousness will hinder you from displaying your full potential. With my neuroscience knowledge and coaching techniques, you will be able to find the ways and to speak Japanese confidently.

What to expect in my program

  1. You will explore your purpose and motivation to learn Japanese.
  2. You will establish your goals with me and work toward them.
  3. You will be able to learn Japanese faster and more efficiently through brain-friendly coaching conversation, reflection, feedback and evaluation.

I took lessons from Shimizu Sensei through summer 2022, and in that time, I developed my Japanese speaking skills much faster than I had in a typical classroom thanks to the goals she had me set at the beginning and the focused curriculum she made for me after we clarified what I cared about most. The most impactful part of the experience for me was how she focused on making sure I was learning in alignment with my goals rather than in a generic manner at a fixed pace – if a topic was particularly difficult for me, she was happy to spend more time on it.


“Working with Yuki has been a wonderful experience. I highly reccommend it to anyone looking for great digital marketing services!”

Maria Smith

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